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Milla Guesthouse Bhaktapur is a family run business.

Goetz Hagmueller (Austrian) and his wife Ludmilla (German) have been living in Bhaktapur since 1979. The guesthouse has been designed by Hagmueller, also the architect of the Patan Museum and the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu, for their foster-son Ravi Buddhacharya, who is now the owner.

Ravi has been studying Hotel Management in Klessheim Salzburg, Austria and made his bachelor in Innovation and Management in Tourism at the Fachhochschule Salzburg, Austria.

Ludmilla is checking the guesthouse regularly and takes care of reservations and guest-relation.

Laxman and Sanu Buddhacharya (Ravi's Nepali parents) have been working for Ludmilla and Goetz for more than thirty years. Laxman is the caretaker of Milla Guesthouse.

Suresh Shrestha is an assistant manager.

Opened in 2013 with only two rooms, Milla Guesthouse now has four double rooms (two with balcony) with attached bathroom.

After the earthquake in 2015 the neighborhood on Devli Square has become a very close community. People meet regularly around the Shakya Muni Buddha Temple on the square. They have established and registered a Community Foundation to restore one of the historic buildings on the square and start a Community Center to promote traditional music, have a library and a space for children, as well as a place for the elderly, and a widows group (of which Sanu takes care) meet regularly.