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Milla Guesthouse Bhaktapur is a family-run business.

Goetz Hagmueller (Austrian) and his wife Ludmilla (German) have been living in Bhaktapur since 1979 - and live there ever since. The guesthouse has been designed by Hagmueller, also the architect of the Patan Museum and the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu. It was built together with their foster-son Ravi Buddhacharya and inputs from Ludmilla.

Ravi has been studying Hotel Management in Klessheim Salzburg, Austria, and made his bachelor's in Innovation and Management in Tourism at the Fachhochschule Salzburg, Austria.

Laxman and Sanu Buddhacharya have been working for Ludmilla and Goetz for more than thirty years, and they are taking care of the daily running of the guesthouse.

Opened in 2013 Milla Guesthouse has four double rooms, two with a balcony on the second floor and an attached bathroom. The rooms have king-size beds, which can be also arranged as twin rooms.

The Guests can enjoy the top-floor breakfast-sitting room with a terrace and tea kitchen.